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CorreLog Adapters and Plug-Ins

These special adapters and plug-in components extend the CorreLog Server's monitoring functions to include active polling of devices and programs, file integrity monitoring, and monitoring of special data stores and application data. CorreLog's plug-in capability enhances the life-cycle of your software, provides high return on investment, and satisfies exacting and hard to meet requirements of your enterprise.

Adapter Overview

The CorreLog Server plug-in facility allows you to easily add pre-configured screens, processes, and configuration components to the main server installation. These components leverage CorreLog's Sigma Framework foundation to seamlessly add tightly coupled software to your existing site. Adapters and plug-ins include (but are not limited to) the following components:


CorreLog TLS / AES-256 Encryption

CorreLog follows NIST / FIPS specifications for secure processing. With no additional software, CorreLog employs secure authentication and optional data encryption between agent programs and the CorreLog server. This baseline security can be further enhanced to include Transport Layer Security (TLS) and unbreakable AES-256 bit encryption.

Enhanced Encryption Overview

For those sites requiring rigorous security for their system management data, CorreLog offers its TLS / AES-256 bit software for enhanced internal security. This software uses an Apache server that supports HTTP TLS, and SSLv3. This package additionally includes a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module to establish secure transfers between CorreLog agents and the main CorreLog server.

This optional software is particularly important for sites that require U.S. Government certified cryptographic algorithms and / or modules. These sites may include Government installations constrained to follow FIPS regulations, sites that require PCI/DSS certification, as well as sites that transmit information over the public Internet.


CorreLog Sigma Framework

CorreLog, Inc. offers system developers and designers its unique "CorreLog Sigma Web Framework", which permits rapid development of web applications and furnishes a unique navigation shell to programmers and integrators. This is a highly documented, language-independent framework for creating consistent, flexible, and easily deployed web-based applications.

System Description

The CorreLog Sigma Framework forms the core web application for the CorreLog Server. This framework is designed to promote an exceptionally long life cycle. It operates with a wide selection of new and old software systems. It is designed to be learned quickly, and furnishes easy customization and extensibility to prolong usability and life span in the face of rapidly changing fads and styles of software development.


CorreLog Change Tracker Enterprise

CorreLog Change Tracker Enterprise is a full-scale combination of configuration management and policy compliance.

Change Tracker can be deployed enterprise-wide to ensure workstations and servers, as well as network devices, firewalls and directories meet the organization's configuration policy. This product provides full-scale reporting and management of system health, availability, performance, users, compliance, configuration, changes to systems and asset management all in one place.

  • Configuration Management - All device configurations automatically and securely backed up with the option to remediate any unauthorized configuration change. Configuration discrepancies are highlighted such as running and start up mismatch on a network switch or router or security breach on a server. Bulk scheduled reconfiguration option allows you to label and restore an approved configuration or make a configuration change to single or multiple devices through one management GUI.

  • Compliance Auditing - Multiple ‘out of the box’ as well as ‘made to order’ reports allow you to quickly test critical security & configuration settings for servers, desktops, network devices and firewalls. With CorreLog, you'll get reports providing details on your administrative procedures, technical data security services, and technical security mechanisms. In fact – these reports will probably identify some security gaps. Once repaired though, you can generate these reports again & again to prove to auditors that your IT systems are compliant. Using the inbuilt change tracking described below you can ensure systems remain compliant. It's really that simple!

  • Change Tracking - Once your firewalls, servers, workstations, switches, routers etc are all in a compliant state, you need to ensure they remain that way. The only way to do this is to routinely & automatically verify the configuration settings have not changed because unplanned, undocumented changes will always be made while somebody has the admin rights to do so legal or otherwise! We will alert you when any unplanned changes are detected as well as keeping an audit trail of planned changes to be reconciled with the request for change details if needed. This provides a closed loop change management safety net as explained below.

  • Planned Change Audit Trail - when changes do need to be made to a device then you need to ensure that changes are approved and documented we make this easy and straightforward, reconciling all changes made with the RFC or Change Approval record. An open API allows integration with most service/help desks or other change management systems to establish a link between the change approval process and the actual changes that are made.

  • Further Device ‘Hardening’ is enforced and audited- As systems grow and things change we run automated templates for a hardened (secured and compliant) configuration for servers and desktops and network devices to show where work is needed to remain compliant, thereafter we track all planned and unplanned changes that affect the hardened status of your infrastructure. Specifically we cover registry keys and values, file integrity, services and processes (including the option to enforce them or whitelist/blacklist them), user accounts, installed software, patches, access rights, password ageing and much more.

  • Device Health & Performance - reports highlight the health of devices including CPU, DISK & Memory as well as response times between devices or users and applications. Also malware reports, end point management and inventory management allow you to really take complete control of every factor that may affect IT systems.
  •

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