Unified Communications, VOIP Security, Interoperability
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UML UC Security Model

Unified Communications, VOIP Security, Interoperability

Do you use or are you planning to move to VOIP/SIP services? Want to integrate UC services such as video, presence?




Low call costs, greater operational flexibility, integration with new technologies such as Unified Communications and mobile devices.




Call or toll fraud, call hacking, denial of service attacks, middleman attacks, call eavesdropping, integration with other IP services in your organisation (PBX/Call Centre/UC), integration with wider IT infrastructure and large fines for data protection breaches.


How do you …


¨ Protect your IP/VOIP/SIP networks, encrypt your calls between office/Mobile/BYOD?

¨ Achieve regulatory compliance requirements?

¨ Integrate Mobile/BYOD into your IP/UC infrastructure?

¨ Encrypt Mobile, video and IM?

¨ Integrate VOIP/UC with your wider IT Infrastructure?

¨ Achieve interoperability between disparate IP and UC technologies such as Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync)?




¨ UM-Labs Security Platform combines a complete set of real-time communication applications with a high degree of assured and compliant security tasks

¨ Encrypted Voice and Video calls from mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets)

¨ Service implemented using proven protocols and security standards

¨ Encrypted calls from suitable fixed-line IP phones linked to a corporate phone system

¨ Ability to support encrypted calls between fixed-line and mobile devices

¨ Secure conference calls for fixed-line and mobile devices

¨ Secure Voicemail with encrypted access

¨ Encrypted text messaging

¨ Encrypted presence updates (providing ability to view colleague's availability status)

¨ Ability to interconnect with other UC services, for example Microsoft Lync

¨ Optional call capture under the control of the end-user organisation

¨ Proven security controls to protect against denial of service and other cyber attacks


¨ Secure voice calls. The UM Labs service is not limited to secure voice calls. The service also provided secure video, instant messaging and presence between devices supporting those applications. The wider range of applications increases the value of the service. Most other services cannot deliver the full range of UC applications.

¨ Integration with Microsoft's Lync. The UM Labs solution includes mechanisms for enhanced integration with Microsoft's Lync. UC Platform. Lync is widely adopted by large organisations, mostly for presence and IM as the telephony features are difficult to integrate with other systems. The enhanced integration from UM Labs enables users of both mobile and fixed line devices to make calls to and receive calls from Lync users. All calls have end-to-end encryption. This feature adds value to the UM Labs solution by extending the secure to reach Lync users and helps organisations gain additional benefits from their investment in Microsoft Lync.

¨ Record selected calls. Many organisations need the ability to capture and record selected calls. This can be for internal reasons, to meet local compliance and auditing requirements or to enable legal intercept. The UM Labs solution has this capability, but places in the control of the organisation operating the services. Most other call encryption services do not provide this flexibility. Some services, in an effort to ensure call confidentiality, make it impossible to capture and record calls. This makes the service unsuitable for commercial use and may even raise legal problems for organisations using it.

¨ Service protection for attacks. The UM Labs solution is unique in including security measures specifically designed to defend against the growing number of security threats that target Unified Communication applications running on IP networks. This is essential as systems lacking this protection are vulnerable to denial of service attacks which could leave the service inoperable or penetration attacks which could compromise call security and circumvent the encryption mechanism.


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