CorreLog for Virtual Environments
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CorreLog for Virtual Environments

CorreLog SIEM Solution provides for the integration and consolidation of logs from both your bare metal hypervisor (Hyper-V or VMware), and your guest virtual machines (Windows, Unix & Linux).


CorreLog Enterprise SIEM server aggregates, correlates and analyses log event data in real time to deliver operational intelligence and visibility across your enterprise. Optimise your Virtual environment through the use of analytics data mined from the wealth of log event information in your organisation. Couple this information with other disparate sources to leverage your operational effectiveness.


Gain valuable insight into event data as It happens across your Virtual infrastructure enabling you to take action on the events that matter. Meet compliance requirements by having all your logs centrally managed and encrypted.  See the  impact of Hypervisor and extrenal events on your hosts and visa-versa .Act on performance issues quickly, conduct root cause analysis quickly and efficiently. Automate event processing and response handling increasing operational response.



· Single consolidated view of all log event data from across your Virtual infrastructure.

· Log data securely encrypted to meet compliance requirements.

· Correlated alerts and notifications for security, performance and any event

· Programmable responses to any event scenario

· Simplified root cause analysis

· Interface to your trouble ticketing system and Infrastructure framework

· Google like intuitive interface allows for quick access to log data, for search and reporting.