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CorreLog Sigma Framework

CorreLog, Inc. offers system developers and designers its unique "CorreLog Sigma Web Framework", which permits rapid development of web applications and furnishes a unique navigation shell to programmers and integrators. This is a highly documented, language-independent framework for creating consistent, flexible, and easily deployed web-based applications.

System Description

The CorreLog Sigma Framework forms the core web application for the CorreLog Server. This framework is designed to promote an exceptionally long life cycle. It operates with a wide selection of new and old software systems. It is designed to be learned quickly, and furnishes easy customization and extensibility to prolong usability and life span in the face of rapidly changing fads and styles of software development.

Some of the specific features of CorreLog Sigma are discussed below:

  • Automatic Generation Of Nested Tabs. One of the most characteristic elements of the CorreLog Sigma Web Framework is its function of creating nested navigation tabs automatically. Users can add new screens, and associated navigation tabs, by simplifying copying programs into the "sigma-web" directory of the installation, including the ability to create nested tabs.

  • HTTP Authentication Management. CorreLog Sigma incorporates ready-to-run HTTP authentication as a standard feature. This permits selective access to various areas of the website based upon admin, user, and guest privileges. The Sigma Framework is HTTP server independent, working with many different flavors of Apache and IIS.

  • User Login Management. CorreLog Sigma includes a user login management interface, which allows an administrator to create user logins and permission sets via the web interface. Developers can easily limit access to certain applications based upon the role of the user, and can define role-based permissions for users.

  • CGI Web Application Support. In addition to serving simple HTML and JavaScript pages, CorreLog Sigma allows a developer to easily create dynamic applications in a variety of programming languages, including C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, VB, and others. Unlike many frameworks, which depend upon particular programming languages and methodologies, CorreLog Sigma Web Framework is independent of these.

  • Support For Windows Batch File Programs. Although CorreLog Sigma is ideal as a framework for professional programmers, the system also supports creation of dynamic CGI screens using trivial Windows Batch files. (This demonstrates how easy it is to add new screens to CorreLog Sigma using minimal programming power.)

  • Windows Service Manager Interface. CorreLog Sigma incorporates a simple but comprehensive interface to the Window Service Manager, which allows developers to run programs as background processes, and as standard windows services. In particular this permits users to easily add programs that are started on system bootup.

  • Built-in Scheduler Program. CorreLog Sigma provides a built-in scheduler program, which can be used run programs automatically on system startup, shutdown, and at certain intervals. This provides one way for developers to create dynamic web pages (which are constructed as background processes at periodic intervals.)

  • Easily Customizable Features. CorreLog Sigma provides various "signature" elements, such as its navigation tabs. However, CorreLog Sigma also incorporates many customizable features that allow a developer to change screen colors, screen headers and footers, and modify the look and feel of the user experience, for OEM applications.

  • Ready-to-run Apache Server. As part of the CorreLog Sigma Web framework, this system incorporates a pre-configured version of the industry standard Apache HTTP server, which has been tuned to provide fast, simple, and secure web services with minimal intrusion on CPU, memory, or disk space.

  • Support for Microsoft IIS. CorreLog Sigma additionally supports the Microsoft IIS server, including support for authentication using membership in Windows user groups to simplify the assignment of permissions. CorreLog Sigma can also be easily integrated with other third-party and specialty HTTP servers, including Apache Tomcat.

  • C / C++, Other API Services. CorreLog Sigma works with any programming language and methodology, and furnishes libraries, examples, templates, and documentation to permit developers to rapidly create CGI programs and screens, including macro based web pages.

As the Greek letter "Sigma" implies, this framework is designed to act as a "summation" program, which permits easy integration of various (possibly diverse) web-based applications. Considering that CorreLog Sigma can be up and running almost instantly, the return on investment in using this system is very high.

Installation Requirements

The CorreLog Sigma Web Framework software runs on Windows Vista, XP, 200X, and Windows 7 workstation or server platforms. The program does not require Java, or .NET, or a relational database, and requires minimal CPU, disk space, and memory. Java and .NET programmers, as well as PHP, Perl, Ruby, and VB programmers, will install their own versions of their programming software external to the CorreLog Sigma Web Framework system.

The CorreLog Sigma Web Framework download package incorporates the Apache HTTP server, easy Windows based installation dialog, a ready -to-run configuration, and 100+ page CorreLog Sigma Web Framework User Reference Manual in Adobe PDF format.

The bare Web Framework program is available to developers only on special request. Contact CorreLog sales or professional services for special download access.

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