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CorreLog SIEM Solution Suite

CorreLog's SIEM solutions and services are designed for maximum interoperability, flexibility, and scalability. CorreLog has the capability to work either independently of, or alongside, other SIEM technology to improve threat management and incident response capabilities. We leverage your existing infrastructure, and processes to return the fastest and best return on your existing investments.

Correlog offers a wide range of deployment options, including multi-tiered and/or highly centralised or decentralised environments, or any combination thereof.

Correlog offers data security managers a rapid and scalable solution to accommodate virtually any iteration and combination of environment architectures or existing SIEM solutions or applications. In sum, Correlog's COTS software offers an existing and immediate approach to address the risk of inadequate or cumbersome threat detection and management, thereby avoiding costly, untested, or unnecessary delays associated with designing to-be-developed solutions.


Read SC Magazine's review of CorreLog Server. 5 star rating for PerformSC Magazine logoance, Ease of use, Support and value for money.



CorreLog SIEM Security Server, Log Management & Compliance solutions

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